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Helping People. Improving Lives. Strengthening Communities.

Community Action Partnership of Northwest Montana (CAPNM) has been helping people, improving lives and strengthening communities since 1976. CAPNM is a private, non-profit Community Action Agency with the overall mission to provide services and advocacy to improve lives and strengthen our communities.

CAPNM continues to target hard to serve individuals by focusing on networking available resources and services, which promote long-term solutions for individuals to build success. Different aspects of a client’s life are addressed including housing, budgeting, medical, job training and education through networking resources, eventually leading to independence and self-sufficiency.

CAPNM serves a large geographic area of 13,375 square miles with a total population of over 150,000. Flathead, Lake, Lincoln and Sanders Counties are very rural with limited employment opportunities and low wages. CAPNM is the largest private human-services agency in the four county area, providing a wide variety of services to promote self-sufficiency and independence, which allows maximization of resources to benefit more individuals.

2013 CAPNM Community Needs Assessment

The objective of this survey was to gather information from low-income residents of Flathead, Lincoln, Lake and Sanders counties on the needs of the communities Community Action Partnership of Northwest Montana (CAPNM) serves.  Hard copies of the surveys were mailed to 1,000 households, copies were available at numerous partner agencies, and were also available online through Survey Monkey.  A total of 507 surveys were completed; 363 hard copy surveys were returned and 144 surveys were completed online.

This was a voluntary, anonymous questionnaire, with no incentive to return the survey, and it was sent to a random sample of people who had applied for Agency services within the past 12 months.  The online survey was advertised through newspapers, agency social media, and emails to partner agencies and was open to the public.

The data on the following pages paints a picture of the clients CAPNM serves in Flathead, Lincoln, Lake and Sanders counties and their concerns, needs and desires.  It is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is quite clear that there is continued need for all of the programs that CAPNM currently operates.  The Agency’s mission to “provide services and advocacy to improve lives and strengthen our communities” is as relevant as ever and the need for services is as great as ever.

Click here to access the full 2013 CAPNM Community Needs Assessment

Click here to access the Executive Summary of the 2013 CAPNM Community Needs Assessment