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Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)/ 

CoC Rapid Re-housing

ESG offers emergency assistance through Rapid Re-Housing and Homeless Prevention services to help those facing housing instability. The CoC Rapid Re-Housing program helps a homeless households move as quickly as possible into permanent housing with long-term stability as the goal. Homeless Prevention services are available to individuals at risk of homelessness. Eligibility for this program is determined based upon strict program guidelines. The following information provides a simplified eligibility at a glance; eligibility for the programs cannot be determined until an application is completed. Services are contingent upon available funds.

Who might be eligible for Rapid Re-Housing?

Individuals or families who lack a stable and adequate nighttime residence, such as:

  1. An individual or family with a primary nighttime residence that is a public or private place, such as: a vehicle, a park, an abandoned building, bus or train station, airport or camping ground.

  2. A household residing in a hotel or motel that is paid for by a charitable organization.

  3. An individual or family living in a supervised publicly or privately operated temporary shelter.

  4. An individual who is exiting an institution where he or she resided for 90 days or less and who resided in an emergency shelter or place not meant for human habitation immediately before entering that institution.


Who might be eligible for Homeless Prevention services?  

Individuals or families whose annual income is below 30% of AMI; who does not have sufficient resources or support networks immediately available to prevent them from moving to an emergency shelter; and must meet the following conditions:

  1. Has been notified in writing that their right to occupy their current housing or living situation will be terminated in 14 days after the date of application for assistance.

  2. Must be able to verify ability to pay rent moving forward.


Can you help me with my mortgage if I’m heading toward foreclosure?  

ESG funding is not for homeowners.

Can you help me with motel or campground costs?  

No. This program is not able to help with motel costs or campground costs.

Where do I obtain an application?

Applications can be obtained at any of our office locations. They can also be downloaded online or mailed to you upon request. All household members over 18 years old must complete an application.

Permanent Supportive Housing

This program assists people who have a disability and are chronically homeless (12+ consecutive months or 4 episodes totaling 12 months in the past three years). It is modeled much like Section 8, in which the program participant pays 1/3 of their monthly income for rent on a qualifying unit and the program covers the remaining balance. This program is operated using HUD funding. We are currently accepting referrals for this program through disability service providers in our communities, including but not limited to mental health providers and developmental disability service providers.

Download Application for Flathead County Housing Assistance Here

Download Application for Lake County Housing Assistance Here.

Download Application for Lincoln County Housing Assistance Here.

Download Application for Sanders County Housing Assistance Here.  

Download Application for Children’s Supplemental Here.

Download Application for Adult Supplement Here.

Hello Applicant

Please note that we are UNABLE to process your application if it is missing information. Please include ALL required documents when you submit your application so that we can determine if you are eligible for housing assistance.

The head of household fills out the main application. If they have a spouse or partner, that adult completes the adult supplement. If there are children, the child supplement is completed, one per child.

Drop off your completed application at:  

Community Action Partnership of Northwest Montana  

214 Main Street

Kalispell, MT 59904

Or Mail your completed application to:  

Community Action Partnership of Northwest Montana  

P.O. Box 88

Kalispell, MT 59903


When you submit your application with all the required documentation,

a case manager will contact you to set up the initial appointment.

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Success Story CSD 202305.jpg
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