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Senior Home Repair Program

Is improving the safety, habitability and accessibility of your home by repairing your home's handrails, roof, septic or water heater of interest?


The Senior Home Repair Program helps fund small repairs by using grant funds (which many seniors pay back by placing a silent mortgage on their home) while larger home repairs that cost over $4,000 are funded by way of placing a second mortgage on your home whereby the cost of the second mortgage would be recaptured when the home is sold or refinanced.

If you can answer yes to ALL the questions below, you may be eligible for this program.

  • Are you over 62?

  • Do you live in and own your home?

  • Is your home a stick build home or a mobile home that is attached to a foundation?

  • Are your property taxes current?

  • Do you have a current homeowner's insurance policy?

  • Is your household income 30% or lower than the county's median income?

Sr Home Repair.jpg

If you answered yes to ALL the questions above, please download an application to complete and submit to Community Action Partnership of Northwest Montana's main office in Kalispell.

Community Action Partnership of Northwest Montana would assist you through the process and makes sure that all program requirements are met.

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