Robin Haidle

Board Director 

Lincoln County/Private Sector

Since 12/2013 - Expires 6/2020

Chance Barrett

Board President

Flathead County/Private Sector
Since 1/2017 - Expires 6/2020

Laura Burrowes

Board Secretary/Treasurer

Lake County/Private Sector
Since 10/2005 - Expires 6/2021

Open Position

Board Director

Sanders County/Private Sector

Josh Letcher

Board Director

Lincoln County/Public Sector
Since 4/2019 - Expires 6/2021

Jamie Quinn

Board Director

Flathead County/Public Sector
Since 10/2019 - Expires 6/2022

Dave Stipe

Board Vice President

Lake County/Public Sector
Since 1/2017 - Expires 6/2020

Glen Magera

Board Director

Sanders County/Public Sector
Since 2/2011 - Expires 6/2020

Donna Martin

Board Director

Lincoln County/Low Income Sector
Since 2/2020 - Expires 6/2022

Wendy Nissen

Board Director

Flathead County/Low Income Sector
Since 10/2017 - Expires 6/2021

Vince Rubino

Board Director

Lake County/Low Income Sector
Since 10/2014 - Expires 6/2022

Open Position

Board Director

Sanders County/Low Income Sector

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