Learn the home buying process with NO sales pitches and no pressure. Learn how to shop for the right loan product and how to build a helpful homebuying team. Gain a better understanding of the terms used for home purchase, a greater sense of how credit impacts the type of home you can purchase and learn the benefits of establishing a monthly spending plan. 

HUD Approved and NeighborWorks America Certified:

  • No prospecting or selling

  • Confidential one-on-one help available

  • NCHEC certified counselors and instructors

  • Information on local and Montana specific Loan and Savings programs

  • Class comes with reference material and resources


**Due to COVID-19 classses are only online with a cost of $75 and are self-paced. The course typically takes up to 8 hours to complete online and requires a one-on-one housing counseling session following completion of the online course, this session is free of charge.**

**Please allow adequate time to complete all of the steps required to receive your Homebuyer Education Certificate of Completion.

Appointments are typically scheduled 3-5 days out and there are no same day appointment options.**


Registration: Email cbarret@capnwmt.org for registration in the online course. 

Each person listed on your loan must attend the workshop. Please call for any special requests or arrangements.

If you have any questions please call (406) 752-6565 or email cbarrett@capnwmt.org

If you have special needs such as those covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act please let us know and we can make accommodations for you.

Funded in partnership by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Montana Board of Housing and NeighborWorks Montana. The class is required for many loan products, including: VA, USDA Rural Development, Glacier Affordable Housing Foundation, Whitefish Housing Authority and Habitat for Humanity.

Fair Housing Policy


Workshop Schedule:

*Online workshop available due to the CoronaVirus (call for details)