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NW MT Community Land Trust/Neighborhood Stabilization Project

A Community Land Trust (CLT) is a nonprofit, community-based organization that works to provide permanently affordable home ownership opportunities.  In the truest sense, a CLT acquires land and removes it from the speculative, for-profit, real estate market.  CLT’s hold the land they own “in trust” forever for the benefit of the community by ensuring that it will always remain affordable for homebuyers.

A CLT provides access to home ownership for people who cannot afford homes for sale on the real estate market.  CLT’s provide greater housing security than renting.  CLT residents benefit from stable monthly payments, security, and the opportunity to build equity through home ownership.

Like all non-profits, CLT’s follow local law and zoning requirements, and also follow the organizational bylaws put in place when the CLT was established.  CLT’s are governed by a Board of Directors that is made up of community members and CLT homeowners.  Members of the CLT elect the Board of Directors.

Currently homes are available for sale in the Northwest Montana Community Land Trust in the City of Kalispell, Montana.

Click here for CLT Brochure


For more information on CLT and to make your ground lease fee payments please click here.

Contact Information:
Marney McCleary


Department Director (Housing)


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